Monday, February 18, 2008

Findings and Resolutions

Ok, most that have logged on to read this have given me a bunch of crap.  To that I'll say if you can teach me to put pictures on this... then maybe some pictures will be posted.  If not... then there will be ZERO pictures.  Sorry.

As for resolutions I also want to brag about my reading.  My New Years Resolution was to run 750 miles this year and to read 3 classic novels.  Totals to date are below (again please teach me so I can put this crap ON the blog and not write it in the narrative).

Mileage: 68.5 this year
Books: Dracula (counts as a classic), I Am Legend, Salem's Lot (not realizing I had a whole vampire thing going), Wicked (currently reading)

I figure to read AT LEAST 3 more this year.  Last year my total books started was around 8.  I only completed 2.  No matter how you shake the numbers that's not good.  I am going to read "Alice in Wonderland" after Wicked.  I think I want to see if the whole "tripping on mushrooms" thing is all that it's crapped up to be.

Lastly, if Andy and Bo would like to comment... I would be ecstatic.  Not just an impertinent reply but some solid criticism.

My goal is to be as good as Jess.

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Jessica Cegelske said...

If you're into reading classics, I'm currently reading David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. I think both you and Matt would enjoy it. Put it on the to read list. Ooh ooh.... we could have a book reading competition!! I'm into reading classics lately too!!!

Josh F said...

Competition? How about an organized virtual celebration of how well we've done reading classics? I would feel better with that... (mostly because I'd lose the competition, and why would you do it if you had to concede right away?)