Saturday, February 9, 2008

Christmas in Millington!

So... It's been a bit of time, but I'm alive (promise). I went to Millington, Tennessee for work for (probably) two weeks. Good news: it's a break from the "hell" job and my parents live around 30-45 mins away. Bad news: the first week is a pretty mind numbing part of the job.

What happened was... I was selected for this years O-5 selection board as a recorder. In a nutshell, I scrub the records of about 100 O-4's whom are all "in-zone" for the possibility of being promoted for O-5. Then, next week when all the admiral's come to actually make the selections... I'm allowed to take copious notes in the tanks where they vote each and every officer's record for promotion. I think there are about 4500 officers total, but some of them are above or below zone.

Zone is simply math on when you are up for promotion. It's a big math game that I can explain later if you are so inclined to learn.

The reason I'm stating "Christmas in Millington" is... when scrubbing officer's records, I've found MANY MANY errors. I'm unaware of how much these guys really care... but, if there was ANY indication that an officer had an award, you put it in their record. That's good, especially if there are mistakes. When you give the guy the benefit of the doubt (because you can't prove it wrong...) it's CHRISTMAS again!

I flew to Memphis last Sunday so I only saw the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. I heard the commercials were good.

I've NOT listened to any Dave and only run twice. BAD WEEK! My runs were only about 4 miles each.

By the way... I'm reading "Salem's Lot" by Stephen King. Scary as hell.

In case you are an avid weather person... yes, the tornados that struck Tennessee and Mississippi early this week were RIGHT smack in the middle of where I was. It was neat.

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