Sunday, February 24, 2008

Family Game Night?

So, it may be a bit premature to do "family game night" but we are going to incorporate this during upcoming nights as the girls get older.

I was told by Abbey that the Stedje-Larson's bought "Monopoly Junior" for Olin and Anna and they LOVE IT.

I doubted that VERY seriously, but bought the game this afternoon in my trip to the Exchange for thread, a new black belt, soap, and a gift for one of Hannah's church friends.  We ended up looking at board games for her, so I thought... what the heck.

It's WAY easy for a kid who has a concept of buying/owning and it's a good precurser for early math skills at the K or 1st grade level.  Not that I'm the expert there...

The game is played similarly to Monopoly, but once you buy a ride (property) you put up a ticket booth of your color (it's done in a amusement park style) for the ride and charge the amount you bought the ride for.  Remember it's for young kids so it's really simple.  There are a few other nuances to the game, but you eventually run out of things to buy and the game goes until one person runs out of money.  The winner is also declared at that point by adding up the money you have, without regard to rides owned.  REMEMBER IT'S FOR YOUNG KIDS so it's really simple.

Hannah LOVED playing it until she lost all her money... and cried her little eyes out.  It was pretty funny as well as feeling a teeny bad for her.  She has my competitiveness but she cares like Abbey does.  Not a great combo, but typical of the type A.

We decided to play a few games of UNO.  It took 3 games for Hannah to finally win one, but we quit at that point to end the night on a good note.

Update for the week: my running sucked but I did better than last week.  I don't think I'll get to 50 miles this month but I did more than 60 last month so it's pretty realistic to get to 750 miles this calendar year.

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Tim, Sarah, Emily, Kyle said...

I cry when I play monopoly regardless.