Saturday, February 16, 2008

California Dreamin'

Finally done! Wow... what a week. We worked "half-days" this week and to most of you that means "half work days" or 4 hours if you do the typical 40 hour week, 8 hour day kind of thing. In the military that usually means 7 to 7. Yes, I showed around 6:30am to prep for the Captains so they could work 7am to 7pm. Brutal. Now, that was good because we had a successful board for the EDOs and I was impressed with the outcome.

I probably should explain how these things work too. We had 73 AZ and IZ's. To break it out there were 35 AZ's and 38 IZ's. Plus 67(?) BZ's. The BZ's just get a "look" and then it's see-you-later-aligator. Mostly because when they become IZ's they will get scrutinized and have their turn. Anyway, the promotion rate was 90%. Which is good. But remember that's 90% of the IZ's. Which can be bad. 90% of the IZ's was 34, so if an AZ or BZ gets picked then the rate of IZ's goes down. Clear as mud? If so, please call and I'll explain it to you.

Anyway, we had some great records that did well and others whom should have probably gotten picked but those are the breaks. Since the SECDEF says I can't say any more, DON'T ASK!

I'm still in TN, but will fly out tomorrow. That will be fun. The girls are flying out today. I really missed them this week and I'm glad we were able to come out. We bought the tickets before Christmas so I hadn't been on my Dave R plan yet... so it's like a benefit, but there won't be anymore until we save up the money and buy with cash!

I only ran ONCE this week... pathetic! I did impress myself with the run. 34 minutes for 4 miles. That's pretty good. 8 and change per mile. Wish I could download it on my Nike+. I think it would really show a huge downslide there. In fact I know it will.

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