Friday, November 28, 2008


I LOVE THANKSGIVING! Mostly because I love to eat. One of the many reasons I run stems from that too. I hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I got an Xbox. Yep. Abbey said I could do it and I did. Am I an idiot? Yes, of course... but it's SO fun. I don't exactly play online, but I do sync it to the online content for the NBA game I have. It reorders rosters and stuff like that. Man, it's great. I used to spend HOURS going online and finding out the current trades and stuff like that. HOURS. This was before I had children, but that's not the point. I got two games with the Xbox and bought two others.

Here's a picture of Hannah singing the new Disney "Sing It" game. It's like Rock Band or whatever but only the vocals. If you get another mic, you can do duets, etc. It's all songs from the "tween" movies that Disney's produced lately and also includes Miley Cyrus songs (with and without the Hannah Montana outfit). For the record, Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones are pretty darn fun too.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Appropriate Terms

I have this pet-peeve. It's called the appropriate term. For goodness sakes people! Everything has a name for a reason!

I know people hate these but I prefer them to touchpads... really.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New X-Box?

I have no idea if I spelled that correctly.  X-Box I mean.  Really, I love football.  And college basketball.  Heck, I like sports in general.  With that said, I'm sure I shouldn't be getting one.  To make a comparison, I had a Nintendo when I was in the fourth grade, and played it for years.  Then when I was a Sophomore in college, I was one of the first people to get a Nintendo-64.  When I was in grad school in 2002 I bought a PS2.  Then two years ago I bought both a Nintendo DS Lite and a PSP.  Do I really need ANOTHER console?

Gosh, history of Josh lessons never cease.  You all are lifelong learners huh?

Anyway, today in class most of my classmates learned that my thesis was complete and I really had "nothing to do except take classes!"

Yes, it's true.

Then one of them asked, "Did you buy your X-Box yet?"

So that's my question.  Do I really WANT an X-Box?  Let's do the math.

Fact: I love football and football season is in full swing.
Fact: College basketball JUST started and will end about the time the NBA season starts to get interesting.
Fact: I have a family now, unlike the last few times I bought video game consoles.
Fact: Abbey will get annoyed FAST if I play on the X-Box too much.
Fact: After buying one first person shooter game, I will buy one basketball game and one football game and play them for a year before they become "out of date" and I try to adjust the players attributes on my own.

Yeah... it doesn't look like I should be buying an X-Box.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Great(?) Run!

Don't get me wrong, I like my time.  Excuse the history of Josh lesson, but I ran 3 half marathons last year (St. Jude in Dec 2006, America's Finest City in Aug 2007, and the Silver Strand Half in Nov 2007).  Then I held off from running a few more since I was moving during the summer sometime of 2008.  I did run a 5K everyday from Thanksgiving to New Years and did a few small things to challenge myself.

So when we finally moved and I signed up for the Big Sur Half Marathon, I didn't "train" per se, but I did run all of my runs at about a 10 minute pace.  I did my last long run two Saturdays before the race at 12 miles and tapered down the next week running 8 miles the Saturday before and a 3 mile on Monday, 3 mile on Wednesday, and 2 miles on Thursday with Friday and Saturday completely off.

So... my EXPECTATION was to run 13.1 miles at a 10 min pace.  That wasn't the case.  I ran the first 7-8 miles at 9:04!  Holy FRICK!

You know the old saying, "If you go out too fast, you'll pay for it in the end."?  (sorry about the punctuation, I'm an engineer at heart)  Well I did.  To put it in perspective, I hit the final turn averaging a 10 min pace, and finished the race at 10:30 average pace.  Not too shabby you say?  Well, if I went a little more than half way at a 9 min pace and finshed at 10:30 then my last 4 miles were around 13 mins/mile... It's just disheartening.

Yes, I'm happy with a 2:18, no I didn't hurt myself, and yes, I finished strong.  I get it.  I did better than 50% of runners my age.  I should be happy.  I am happy.  I'm going to run another... it's just a matter of point of view I guess.

To add to this already long tale, on Saturday my Mom called and asked if I wanted to run the St. Jude half marathon (the Memphis Marathon is what some people call it).  She said since I ran in 2006 she thought I'd be interested.  Hi Mom, it's not like I forgot about it?!?  Anyway, she thought she would sweeten the pot and offered to cash in frequent flyer miles to buy me a ticket.  Hey cool, I thought.  But then I looked at registering for the half marathon.  It was not too late to register, but I had to pay the late-comer registration fee.  I did NOT want to pay $70.  Yes, call me cheap.  I won't deny it.

So I was kind of bummed I didn't get to run, but oh well.  Then as I was resting after the run yesterday, my Mom called again.  She had her neighbor Gassia over.  Gassia is a big runner.  Gassia works for a running-friendly company.  A company that has already purchased 10 entries.  Gassia only has 9 people ready to run.  So... to my Mom... it was a free entry.  And then she said she already purchased tickets to Memphis for me.

So, now I have another half marathon less than 4 weeks (yes, I know it's only 1 day less, but still) from the one I ran just yesterday.  And yes, I'm actually pretty psyched!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Big Sur Half Marathon

Wish me luck you guys!

Also, for the funny in us.  (Someone please tell me why I saw the OSTRICH option...)