Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New X-Box?

I have no idea if I spelled that correctly.  X-Box I mean.  Really, I love football.  And college basketball.  Heck, I like sports in general.  With that said, I'm sure I shouldn't be getting one.  To make a comparison, I had a Nintendo when I was in the fourth grade, and played it for years.  Then when I was a Sophomore in college, I was one of the first people to get a Nintendo-64.  When I was in grad school in 2002 I bought a PS2.  Then two years ago I bought both a Nintendo DS Lite and a PSP.  Do I really need ANOTHER console?

Gosh, history of Josh lessons never cease.  You all are lifelong learners huh?

Anyway, today in class most of my classmates learned that my thesis was complete and I really had "nothing to do except take classes!"

Yes, it's true.

Then one of them asked, "Did you buy your X-Box yet?"

So that's my question.  Do I really WANT an X-Box?  Let's do the math.

Fact: I love football and football season is in full swing.
Fact: College basketball JUST started and will end about the time the NBA season starts to get interesting.
Fact: I have a family now, unlike the last few times I bought video game consoles.
Fact: Abbey will get annoyed FAST if I play on the X-Box too much.
Fact: After buying one first person shooter game, I will buy one basketball game and one football game and play them for a year before they become "out of date" and I try to adjust the players attributes on my own.

Yeah... it doesn't look like I should be buying an X-Box.


ande1352 said...

I love my xbox, but I probably play it too much. and we use it for more than just games, we watch tv shows and movies (netflix streams movies to the xbox now), and use it to listen to music too.. Is it a time drain? probably, but i enjoy it anyway. :)

Jessica Cegelske said...

No comment from the wife of an XBOX owner.....

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! It will be a waste. We have one. It collects dust. Mr McG was just like you (before the fam) and thought he'd be able to play the same amount HAHAHAHA Nope. Now he says "Well there isn't enough time for me to play to be any good, so why bother?"