Monday, July 21, 2008

Sorry Peeps

Sorry everyone... gosh, it seems like I've been away forever.  Recent trips to family reunions and all these "happenings" about the move have my blog on the back burner.  A quick catch-up is that Oklahoma was great (but hot) and I didn't get to run once!  I took Hannah with me and Abs and Elliot stayed home.  It was a great trip, but I'm glad to be home.

We also got a "pre-dump" of cash for the move from the Navy.  I guess it's really from the government, but whatever.  Anyway, that "pre-dump" will cover food on the days we don't have any in the house... and gas... and "incidentals" you can't think of until your stuff gets packed up and you have no more of it to go get until you unpack it on the return trip.  Stuff like renting vacuums or buying cleaning supplies to clean the house with.  It's also good for the hotel rooms you have to rent on the way and setting up phone lines and cable tv.

Anyway, just a quick shoutout!  Peace out, sports fans!  I'll update why I'm better than I deserve in a week or so!

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Marcy said...

Thanks for the update!! Sounds like you've been BUSY!! ;-)