Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Still Broken...

Okay, the Nike+ thingy worked great for a long time, now... it's poop.

Maggie and I did just over 4 miles and she kept wanted to cross the streets leading back to our house. I don't think she realizes it's just an (extended) block we are running around, but that's okay. We've run Monday and today so she's happy. I have duty today so I have to be in very early tomorrow so we won't get our Wednesday run in, but I'm okay with it (if Abbey can stand the unexercised dogs!)

There's a new blog I stalk on the right side, "I Signed Up For This?!?" Pretty funny and a prototypical blog. I think it's great.

Class is postponed for this week. I have to catch up and do the lesson(s) that I put off last week. I very much like the point of the class and Abs and I are sitting down twice a month to discuss our financial status. Dave helps out... so does my class.

Since the holiday is fast approaching, so is the San Diego heat. It's AMAZING to me how the winds change and one day it's overcast and cloudy and the next day is 85 and humid. Man... I really feel like Dad. He watches the news (really the weather) every day. I'm finding myself doing the same so I can plan how early I have to go to bed. Which tells me when I have to wake up to run...

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