Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nice and Easy... well, kind of

To say that I went nice and easy the last few weeks would be untrue.  I did try to run nice and easy today, and that is below, but if you've ever had to move to a new place then you'll know that even a month or more out you are going nuts!

Abbey and I are moving to the Monterey area and even now we are going crazy with MORE stuff to do to prepare.  It's not the cleaning and organizing and throwing away of crap (although that's another BLOG entry about possessions.  We'll save that lecture for a later date), it's everything else.  It's getting our daughters ready for adjusting.  It's planning the drive.  It's trying to move bills and when to forward mail.  Oh yes... to do that you have to have a new address!  All craziness.

Irregardless... (isn't it regardless? Oh well, no time for an english lesson) below is my run.  I'm bummed that the "last 5 runs" thing on the right isn't working.  I would have to post every other run.


Marcy said...

Much respect from me :-) I can't even imagine having to deal (not only on the military side of things but the moving a lot) especially with a fam.

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the moving and the training!!! My wife somehow managed to train for an Ironman last summer while moving and redoing our kitchen!

Josh F said...

Thanks guys!