Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whoa Nellie!

In honor of College Football's Keith Jackson, this sentiment sure does sum up the course of events during the last few weeks. In fact, right now I'm next door to my old place and it doesn't feel like home at all. It just sucks.
Summing up, let's see...

Movers (we'll call them the packers) came to pack us up two weeks ago. They basically put everything in boxes. While it wasn't too exciting, it's still weird. I've moved like 6 or 7 times during the past 7 years. This time was the hardest by far. The kids went to a friend's house while Abbey and I watched. That sucks too. I guess you can't pack yourself, because if anything gets broken then there's no getting money for it. I kinda think that sucks because if it wasn't for the Navy in the first place, I wouldn't have moved... see what I mean?

Anyway, the movers came back (different people, we'll call these guys the pick-upers) and finished packing the bedding materials, put stickers on EVERYTHING, made a list of everything with a sticker on it (bill of lading?), and put it in the truck. I talked with Scott (that's the name of the driver) who was one of two pick-upers, and he asked if I would be ready to accept my stuff on Monday. Since he wasn't going to be able to contact the dudes that put it in storage until Monday anyway, he told me he would touch my stuff until it came off the truck.

If that sounds weird, it isn't. See truckers/movers/anyone who makes a living doing this sort of thing makes more money for being on time/early or making more trips. This of course depends on someone being there to accept the load in the truck. Get it? If not let me know.

Anyway, we left the same day (Friday if you are keeping track). It was hard. Really hard. Abbey and I have lived in that house for 4 years and lived in San Diego for 6. That's a long time for the military "norm". She cried/wept for at least a week. I think it's harder because we have a "groove" established. Yes, we are in the military, but one often takes for granted the fact they know the sidestreets, or the fact they know the grocery store in and out, or the fact they don't have to buy ketchup when they move. Do you know how much money we spent buying staples? Sheesh... almost a week's worth of groceries and the cart was literally overflowing. Abs almost had to get a second cart.

We slept in San Bernadino on Friday night so we could wake up early and scoot through Los Angeles in the middle of the night. I would usually quote the word slept, because we didn't sleep much, but I did attempt so no quoting. We had checked out and were back on Interstate 5 North by 3 a.m.

We arrived in Monterey early Saturday morning. Scott and Alicia were kind enough to offer a home for Boomer and Maggie (and me) so the rest of us could spend the night in a hotel. From what I understand the girls loved the hotel. Scott and Alicia did much more than that, and I'm so very grateful for them, but this post is getting long so I'm starting to skim.

Will and Ginny invited us over for meals and when we were able to get our keys and Scott (the driver, not my buddy) arrived on Monday morning, it was much relief. Ginny even let the girls come over all Monday morning while Abbey and I got the stuff delievered and unpacked the beds, etc.

Speaking of that, I'm going on record by saying that if Abbey wan't a full time Mom and educated as a teacher, I think she could make great money unpacking people when they move. She was a beast... an absolute animal. It's funny to say, but even the unpackers were impressed. Scott even suggested getting her an application.

Anyway, Mondy thru Friday all I did was either unpack, clean, or get rid of boxes. MOVING SUCKS! We tried to do stuff with the girls too... we took them to play at parks, to see otters, to swim at the neighborhood pool (which closes from 10-12 for swimming lessons so you have to use the kiddie pool, there were 15-20 kids in the pool and most Mom's didn't care! It clearly states no more than 6! I was pissed... that was Wednesday while Abbey registered Hannah for school and got the mail key I think). At one point Hannah said something to the effect of: "I've been very patient and waited while you organized! I need to get out and play!
The below picture is really "Maggie optional" if you ever visit.

Saturday and Sunday (that's was the second and third of August) we had a little part for Elliot (she's 3 now!) and got used to the neighborhood. We even found a little pre-school for her to start. She started today in fact. Below are a few of her pictures. Her "boyfriend" there is Connor. Will and Ginny's son. They are only about 2 weeks apart. Cambria is her other friend. Well, really Connor's friend that Elliot likes too.

Hannah started on the fourth and seems to really love it. The move was hardest on her and I didn't expect that. I thought Elliot would be our "problem" but no... not at all. Opposite in fact. As you can see, she's pretty shy.

My big project early this week was to sod the lawn. It was nothing but dead crab-grass. The foxtail pricker things were ALL OVER the house and Boomer. Maggie not so much being a Dalmatian, but it sure was a pain in the butt.

I had it delivered at 10 and by 1 I was finished. This is a picture. Then I flew home yesterday and am staying with Jeff and Jaime. They needed a dogsitter the rest of this week and next... so here I am! I did run a bit while I was gone, but nothing super. Next weeks starts my 13 week training time to run (another) half-marathon. My goal is to beat 2 hours, but I'm also not holding myself to that... just having fun! We'll keep you posted!

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luving the lawn g-shou. wish everyone the best with the adjustment period. looks like Elliot is having a grand old time.