Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vagabonds N' Such

I've been living with Matt and Jen while I "worked" my last few weeks at work.  I know what you are thinking... didn't I stay with Jeff and Jaime?  Yes, I did for about 10 days.  I was dog-sitting Max and Molly, but they came home and I moved out.  I didn't have to... but I've lived in their house (well, next door actually) for too long so I know how small those houses get with any more than a few adults.
Living with Jen and Matt was great!  It really reminded me of home and I was really a live-in rather than a nuicance because of their back bedroom.  It had a full bathroom!  I was all set!
I went to church with them and the picnic, etc... it was almost like I hadn't left!  Gordon and Sandy invited me over as did Greg and Lisa.  So I really didn't lack for meals.  I did have a few movies to catch up on... and I took full advantage.  I did miss the girls BIG TIME.  But now I'm home!
My running went well while I was gone and I watched the Olympics for 2 solid weeks!  I couldn't get enough!  Did you know NBC and CNBC and some other station had Olympics on like 24-7?  I discovered the CNBC thing too late and didn't watch near enough handball.
Otherwise, I started reading a few books.  I started and finished "A Case for Easter."  It was pretty good, but it's only an excerpt from another book.  Then I started reading "The Aztec Heresy," and while I got nearly half-way through the book... nothing had happened!  I gave up and started reading "The Twelfth Card."  Wow... that one is great!  If you like CSI and/or any books written by Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code for non readers) you'll love it!  It's by the same author as "The Bone Collector" so you might have seen the movie.

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