Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturdaily plus Dog Updates

There's a lot I need to get myself to do on a regular basis.  I'm doing the "money" thing, I try to do the workout thing, and I'm reading more...
 In fact, this is a picture of my run today.  It was GREAT!  I got a new pair of shoes after my class ended on Thursday, and my knees weren't recovering as fast, so I tried to calculate the milage in the shoes I was wearing.  Pretty much about a year's worth of running.  For me that was 2 half marathon's plus the 5K-a-day I ran in December and the 100 miles I ran (so far) in 2008.  SO... I needed a new pair... badly.

LET ME TELL YOU!  It was a great run, as evidenced above!

Update on the dogs... we are still in contact with Gail, our lovely Dalmation rescue "owner".  When the time is right and the dog is right we'll be getting our very own Dalmation.  Spotty, the dog we looked at last week isn't good with cats so we won't be getting her.  But there are lots more at or

I really liked Bailey (adopted) and now I think Carter is cool too.

This week we had a Boomer scare.  Abbey talked to the vet-tech when Boomer got neutered this week.  Boomer had a "high" level of lymphocytes.  His were around 6000.  "Normal" puppies have between 3000-5000.  Now... high lymphocytes (like around 30,000) are an indicator of canine leukemia.  So the vet wanted to test Boomer in a month... but what the vet-tech said was, "He has high lymphocytes so the Doctor would like to see him in a month."

"Oh, what does that mean?" Abbey asked.

"Usually leukemia."  The vet-tech responded.

Oh fantastic.  What the heck else are we supposed to think!  I'm glad we got the straight skinny the next day.  Abbey was a wreck.

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Tim, Sarah, Emily, Kyle said...

sorry to hear about your dog.... good to see you guys today.