Sunday, March 23, 2008


While I wouldn't call myself a Dalmatian zealot right now, but if they are all like Carter then I'm hooked!

Carter is the best dude!  He loves to just hang out and play.  He pretty much lets the girls get in his face and loves to just hang out and vegg.  Provided he gets some exercise.

We're going to call him Carter (or keep the name anyway) because he's a liver spotted Dalmatian rather than the traditional black and white.  (Get it?  Carter?  For Carter's Liver pills?  If not, ask your parents.)

I took leave on Friday and we drove to LA/Santa Monica area to pick him up from the Dal Rescue of SoCal (I took liberties on the name).  Boomer and Carter were great in the back of the car, but the kids were kids so it was a bit of a long trip.  Tiring to say the least!

Anyway, Carter is acclimating pretty darn well if I do say so myself.  So far the "worst" thing is his growling when preparing food.  That's easily remedied by putting the dogs outside until Carter is full up and around.

Dalmatian Myth Busters will be posted soon!

Also, I need to get "us" in shape again.  Below is our first run together... er... above I mean... because I STILL haven't figured all this BLOG crap out!  Speaking of... why the heck did the run show up like that?  Weird.

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