Sunday, March 9, 2008

Taxes and Basketball

Benjamin Franklin said, "There are only two things a man cannot avoid... death and taxes."  I got our tax return and it's KILLING me not to put every dollar on Abbey's car.  But I think we are making the right decisions.  We funded our "Emergency Fund" and were able to figure the delta in what we had versus what we owed for Hannah's school.  PLUS, we were able to put some dollars away in a different savings account for our trip to Oklahoma this summer.

I know what you are saying... why are we going to Oklahoma when I could just skip the trip and use that money for OTHER crap (considering our move to Monterey, etc...)

Well, because we had NO money 2 years ago when I couldn't go to the reunion and I promised my Dad I'd save and go in 2008.  So, it's 2008, and here I am.

I found out about a basketball team my church has once a year in a one day tournament in April.  I was invited, joined, and played today.

Since I had run both Friday and Saturday I wasn't "rested" to play for an hour and a half today, but I did well.  One thing I noticed... since I've been distance running I can play FOREVER but I can't sprint for crap.  It's weird.

Now, it makes sense, because I don't exercise the sprint muscles often at all anymore... but it still makes me feel old.

At least I wasn't the old guy trying to be young at the gym today... I was the median age from what I could figure.

Lastly, for the record, there was A LOT of rust on the basketball mind and body.  As I like to say... "It's been a long time since them days!"

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