Wednesday, January 30, 2008

4.75 miles

I ran quite slowly at the beginning of my run today, but if you look at my Nike+iPod chart, I increased in speed the entire time. Slowly I guess, because I tried to keep a constant speed. I listened to Dave again. Monday he talked quite a bit about "commissions" to give your children. It's a pretty interesting concept stating it that way. If you work then you get paid. In a way we all work for a commissions! If you don't believe me, stop going to work for 6 weeks. I'll bet you won't get paid!

Otherwise I'm doing well. I finished "I Am Legend" on Sunday and it's playing at the base theater. I may go see the movie to see how it stacks up against the book. The book is pretty money (and short too) and I liked it immensely.

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Jessica Cegelske said...

Don't waste your time on the movie. If you've seen 28 Days Later or Dawn of the Dead, shoot even Shawn of the Dead, then you've seen this movie!!!
I've heard that the movie did not do the book justice.