Saturday, January 26, 2008


HAD to run today.  I ran last Wednesday and didn't run on Friday because it was raining a bit.  I know... I know... you aren't supposed to NOT run because of a little rain... but I live in San Diego!  I never rains right?!  Whatever.  I'm going to try to post a run on this blog to show everyone my Christmas present: a Nike+iPod.  It's pretty DARN cool.  Let's see if this works:

Nope.  I'll try that later...

Dave was pretty cool this morning, and to that I mean it was his Friday show.  People call in to tell their success mostly, rather than just asking questions.  The very first caller screamed, "I'M DEBT FREE!" while a Braveheart clip yelled "FREEDOM!" in the back ground.  90% of the time I have to smile.

Abbey and I decided to start paying extra on our car rather than the Bank of America card we have 0% interest on until October.  I did the Math on my spreadsheet (goodness, I need to tell you about that story too!) and it comes out that I pay less interest, I pay off my "first" debt sooner, and I pay off ALL my debt a month earlier.

Yeah, it's probably against Dave's advice, but I like to think that it's one of those rare exceptions.  If I ever get the guts (and time) to call I'd ask that question.

I'm also thinking of joining his total money makeover (TMMO) so I can get some advice that's backdated, full podcasts, and chatrooms full of people trying to do the same thing as me.  I hear it's about $90 per year.  Abs won't exactly agree, but she did listen to Dave with me last night as we waited to watch "Friday Night Lights".  We listened to Thursday's show.  There was a caller who matched each of her kids (they were older with families) Roth IRA contributions in order to teach them, and give to them, the power of savings and investing.  I thought that was awesome.

Speaking of Friday Night Lights.  If you don't watch the show... you should.  It's GREAT.  I would recommend anyone who has the ability to rent the first season on DVD.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.  I thought about buying it for Abbey for Christmas.  It's THAT good.

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