Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lots to chat about!

So, I haven't been checking in as frequently lately, but quite a bit has happened.  I have been "adjusting" my blog as things pop in my head.  Debtfree-Revolution has gotten my attention lately and I've really enjoyed seeing a "real" person trying to get a "clean" bill of heath as far as debt goes... 

Otherwise there have been 3 big things to happen to our family lately... all good, but depending how you look at it you might say I went "backward" with my BS2.

First, I got my "test" results back... it's official... I've taken the bullets out of the gun/taken myself out of the gene pool... if you
 catch my drift.  We're pretty happy.
Second, we got another dog!  Her name is Maggie, she's a dalmatian, and she's awesome!  Most of my runs will include her if you care to track them (see the right side!).

Third, we bought a new car.  Well, van to be exact.  So... instead of being out of debt at minimum of February 2010 (becau
se I'm not including ANY extras that may come our wa
y, like Abs working, tax refunds, etc) the new figure is April 2012!  Yikes!  I'll let you know how it's going as I get closer, but HER new van is a fan favorite here.

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