Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cutting out the extra...

For those of you that are Ramsey Acolytes, you know the steps for the "Debt-Snowball."  And you also probably know that you only stop to save up money for an emergency.  Well, I've listened to quite a lot of Dave Ramsey over the last few months (long runs only people!) and I've also uncovered another reason to stop the snowball.  Major life events.  Moving across the country is included in that.

I'll bet the followers are saying, "Didn't you JUST move?"  Yep.  We did.  But I got new orders and we'll be moving to Annapolis, MD.  Where I'll be teaching in the engineering department.

While that's really neat and stuff, I DREAD moving.  In fact I'll say that I HATE it.

To make this story short, I'll conclude with my new school schedule.  I'm taking a Military Strategy Course (fancy way to say History), a Controls course (think of an auto-pilot for a sailboat), and Naval Architecture.  Busy schedule, but I'll still have time for running!

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