Sunday, February 1, 2009


Nope... turns out, I'm not really a bear but it's the same noise I make when frustrated.  There are a few things that January has taught me.
1. Moving sucks.
2. I have to have a goal.

The first is an obvious one.  I've blogged about this in the past, but I can't stress enough how much I hate it.  Abbey and I have our eyes on a few houses in Maryland and we've applied for military housing.  I can explain the benefits and drawbacks of each if anyone is actually interested.
We've decided we aren't ready to buy a house, although everyone is telling me, "... but it's the best time to buy in years!"  I know.  But we aren't ready to buy a house and be successful.  What happens when we have to move.  Those same people telling me to buy are stressed out about 4 times a year by being long distance landlords.  In short, we're renting.

Secondly, neither my training, nor school, nor debt reduction happens without a goal.  I ran two half marathons in late November and early December.  I ran well.  2:12 and 2:04 (second course was way flatter and w/o coastal wind).  I had a training schedule and had to plan my days and weeks out so EVERYTHING would get done.  I thought... "Boy... I wonder how much would get done if I didn't have to schedule 2 hours on Saturday for a long run!  I'll just run every day or every other day about 3-4 miles... then I'll run when the sun is up and then I'll have lots more time!"
The reality is... I don't.  I play more Xbox, I drink one more cup of coffee instead of water.  I don't blog, I check facebook two or three times a day, I don't do homework.  I just sit there and think about all the crap I have to do for school, for the move... Grrr!!!  (insert bear sound)  Do I really HAVE to have a goal?  Turns out the answer is yes.

So anyway, good luck to Sarah training for Boston (somehow she didn't have to qualify and is running for charity) and I am committing to this blog thing... I've had it for over a year now and I don't blog but maybe once a month.  Jeepers.

Oh yes... check out Marcy's blog.  Funny stuff on the "Engrish!"

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