Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reuniting with old *friends*...

Facebook has good things and bad things already.  First off, I've been blessed to know some VERY cool people and be friends with a number of them.  So to that extent, it's been GREAT to catch up with the two that have written several times now.  One of my very close (and lost) friends was there and she and I have emailed a few times now.  Very cool.

My complaints.  First of all, it's not well set up.  There is TONS of ABSOLUTE CRAP on there.  You can get lost if you are a *newbie* like myself.  Secondly, it's beginning to get similar to "my space"... and to that I want to explain why the friends in the title of this post has asterisks around it.  There are about 30 people on my friends list that I haven't spoken with in 10+ years.  And even when we verified that we were friends, I still didn't write them.  Heck... there are people that I speak with every day that I verified were friends of mine that I wouldn't write on facebook even when I leave San Diego.  I guess I don't like being a big friend whore.  

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Tim, Sarah, Emily, Kyle said...

yes there are many things about facebook which are not that great, but if you can connect with even one or two good friends that you had lost touch with then I think it's totally worth it. I think I am going to go put some beads on my indian guides jacket now. luv shou